Hardened for production!

To date FoxInCloud has accumulated 5 years of experience in production on heavy duty applications like ERPs that a whole company with several subsidiaries fully depend upon: over 50 forms, 1,000 controls and 1,500 user events exposed to more than 200 users.

While response time keeps decreasing (average below 1s., even less in the future), availability keeps increasing with scores over 99.9% on the above-mentioned, heavy-duty applications.

FoxInCloud always provides more smart tools to easily manage production servers:

  • Fully updating a FoxInCloud production server takes no more than one clic: FoxInCloud automatically uploads the new app and its dependencies (HTML, CSS, JS, etc.), app self updates while users continue to work with less than a minute of interruption and no data loss at all,
  • An incredibly rich FoxInCloud Status Page: with a bunch of details to analyze response times and further optimize your web app.

FoxInCloud lifts up your VFP application to the highest standards of Web applications!

Data progressive fetching

One common pitfall of web applications is the volume of data that seems nothing on a desktop application but weighs much more on the web.

FoxInCloud brings several mechanisms to handle large volume of data with ease:

  • Remote Views or CAD: progressive fetching is your friend! Just use the standard Fetch* DBSetProp() and CursorSetProp() to control the amount of data. Even the grid will behave just like on desktop: hitting the last row loads an additional set of records (as of FetchSize),
  • Local tables/views/CAD: just drop your grid into the 'paged grid' container and you'll get the very same effect as using the Fetch* mechanism on a remote view.

At FoxInCloud, response times matter.

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