I. Adaptation Assistant (FAA)

  • 47,858 developers have downloaded FAA
  • 5,740 have shared their analysis results

1- Analyze

  • Seeks instructions needing adaption in source code
  • Estimates work load to complete Adaptation
  • Reviews code snippets and lets you filter adaptations by file, class, and more.

2- Adapt

  • Replaces native classes by subclasses of FoxInCloud base classes
  • Performs over 99 % adaptations automatically (average)
  • Keeps your application fully functional after Adaptation: normal evolutions can continue

3- Publish

  • Creates your Web Application project
  • Setup your Web Application on http://localhost/
  • Builds a test page with your application forms
FoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant

This downloadable setup program is a Visual FoxPro 9 executable that simply creates the necessary files in your 'Application data\Visual FoxPro 9' directory. At each startup, FoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant checks http://foxincloud.com/ for a newer version and updates accordingly.

II. Application Server (FAS)

  • 3,146 developers have downloaded FAS

FoxInCloud Application Server, Trial Edition, lets you test your adapted application on http://localhost/.

FAS Trial Edition can run up to 10 forms in debug mode within the VFP IDE.

Grab FoxInCloud Application Server (FAS) Version 3.0, Trial edition