Open Source

FoxInCloud tallies 47,200 lines of VFP code building over 4,500 modules split into 3 layers:

  • 'AB' layer: 2,600 general VFP modules supplied under GNU General Public License (see inventory below)
  • 'AC' layer: 440 general VFP modules extending AB
  • 'AW' layer: 1,500 modules composing FoxInCloud Application Server

Most source code being object-oriented, user may extend it by sub-classing.

Any user may also submit his own extensions to the FoxInCloud Community *.

The AC and AW layers are submitted to FoxInCloud licensing terms

* For availability of this Service, please see the FoxInCloud roadmap

‘AB’ public layer - Free to use software!

These modules are supplied under GNU General Public License by FoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant and FoxInCloud Application Server, Trial Edition. You can use them for free in your own code!

General Purpose Modules shared on GitHub

ab.prg 33SETs: PATH, PROC and CLASSLIB and more
abArray.prg 31Array: append, merge, 2-dimension text parse, real column insert, aSelect(), aLookup(), aLocate() and more
abData.prg 178VFP data: database, tables, fields, indexes, etc., synchronization, automatic modify structure, and more
abDate.prg 49Date utilities
abDev.prg 206Development: automatic SET/reSET, unit test, batch reporting, SemVer and more
abFile.prg 67File: create, delete, rename, copy, create with directories, recursive inventory and more
abGA.prg 223Collections: dictionary, topological sort, encryption (© Gregory Adam)
abOffice.prg 40Microsoft Office™ automation
abOOP.prg 65Object Oriented Programming: recursive contained objects, siblings, class, property, method tests, linearization, etc.
abTxt.prg 106Text: testable Regular Expression, litteral of anything, HTML escape, comparable text and more
Sub-Total998General Purpose Modules

Public FoxInCloud modules - let you deploy your adapted FoxInCloud application on desktops as usual

awGenMenu.prg 60FoxInCloud replacement for GenMenu.prg - supports desktop and Web menus
awPublic.prg 127FoxInCloud utilities 1,384FoxInCloud base classes (30)
Sub-Total1,571FoxInCloud public Modules

(as of September 23, 2015)