Here and there we hear that “the FoxPro community is dead”. Could sound like a legitimate assertion since Microsoft has stopped upgrading VFP 10 years ago, and stopped supporting it 3 years ago.

Let’s have a closer look at what the FoxPro community does; eg., based on Google Analytics, how members of this community interact with the FoxInCloud site.

“The VFP community is vanishing…”

The following chart shows the new sessions and the new users and sessions on the FoxInCloud site:

(figures exclude users from France to eliminate the requests from FoxInCloud staff on the site) users since site inception

Even if we must admit a slight decrease of new users in the past 2 years (correlated to a somewhat slower pace of releases), the number of new sessions remains stable, and so is the audience’s interest for the FoxInCloud site, and maybe for VFP stuff in general.

“The VFP community is gone…”

Even if the USA remain the first source of VFP users, we can notice that the BRIC fast developing countries – Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina – now tally more users: FoxinCloud users: Northern America and BRIC compared

“The VFP community is getting old…”

Since early 2017, Google Analytics also tracks user’s age whenever Google somehow knows it (big data at play). And here comes the surprise: in 2017, the age breakdown is fairly different in Northern America and BRIC developing countries; we could even say ‘opposite’:

Age of users since early 2017

BRIC even have more female developers than Northern America!

In any case, there are still a majority of developers under 50 in Northern America.

Lesson learned

Like Mark Twain and Steve Jobs, The VFP Community can say: “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

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