Interface your client with Style

When technology, price and functionality are comparable, management decision is often made on user interface look and feel.

One known limitation of Visual FoxPro applications is their ‘old fashioned’ user interface, and styling capabilities dependent on Windows settings.

Offer your Visual FoxPro application a fresh Web 2.0 look

Based on open web technologies, HTML and CSS, FoxInCloud opens a wide for creativity and graphical innovation; your application’s Web version will provide a fresh design that your clients will notice.

While FoxInCloud generates HTML templates based on your application’s original Visual FoxPro forms, you keep control over graphic behavior through CSS classes, custom HTML rendering or javascript, bringing you almost unlimited capabilities.

Interface and application code being clearly separated, you easily integrate graphic design from a web design studio.

You also benefit from a wide array of styles and javascript libraries, most of them being free or low-priced: jQuery, Ext.js, Telerik, etc.