Preserve over 99% of your Visual FoxPro code

FoxInCloud fits your application’s architecture, less than 2% instructions need be moved or reworked. You rely on a solid code base, yours, and your team can take a jump start on web technologies.

Your Visual FoxPro application has a single handicap: its thick client interface whereas market demand strongly leans to thin, web interface.

FoxInCloud does address this demand: only the visual surface is moved to the web client, while the rest of your application works just as now: events, business code, database, etc.

Your code can keep the same structure without complex layering into n-tier or design patterns.

You build additional value from your client-validated code base instead of ‘migrating’ to another server technology: you can avoid costs, shorten time to market, and lower the risk of functional regression.

Adapt your code without changing it

In your code base, some instructions need be adapted for your application to operate in web mode. These adaptations are light and without functional impact; using an alternate syntax, moving code into another method, calling methods inherited from FoxInCloud classes.

FoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant guides you during the adaptation process:

  • Identifies instructions to adapt,
  • Provides a shortcut to code snippet
  • Explains how manual adaptation should be performed
  • Redefines native classes into FoxInCloud classes
  • Performs single instruction adaptations automatically

Invest in durable technologies

With FoxInCloud, you adopt a new technology while preserving your acquired skills.

Your learning investment focuses on universal web technologies, the use of which is growing continuously: HTML5, CSS & javascript.

HTML5, CSS & javascript are clearly tomorrow's winners for cross-platform application development.

Your app. development will be entirely reusable whenever you wish to switch to another server technology.